29 June 2012

Hello sunshines

To all the ladies out there who wish their bodies were like in the fashion magazines:
I am gonna reveal you the secret to have it: beauty is self-confidence. 

Women want it all: natural beauty, radiant health, glowing skin, a sexy body, lush hair and many other things. Well you can wear make up, spend plenty of money on dieting pills and hair products but if you don't from the start love yourself naked you will never be satisfied entirely. 

Every woman is beautiful that just sounds like a lofty platitude when we are overworked, overwhelmed and overweight. Goddesses don’t neglect themselves…they take exquisite care of themselves, no excuses, no apologies. Because they are worthy. lol 

Well I took pictures this morning as soon as I woke up , refresh myself a bit 
and prepared myself for the camera and this is me !!

My secrets are happiness, a lot of sleep, most of all I do what you love to do , I stay active as much as possible and I am always myself and I love myself the way I am. 

So what you gonna do today that gonna make you feel happier?? 

  • Massimo Dutti  lace top
  •  Navy Armani Jeans
  • Vintage Owl necklace bought in Florence, Italy at Nadine's
  • Guess watch
  • Zara hair accessory
  • Blue and beige plastic bracelets