30 June 2012


When I was growing up I always wanted to go to the United States, especially California.

And my dream happened the first time on August 2007 when my family and I arrived to Los Angeles. Then I stayed there to study and decided to graduate in America. In January 2008 I made the decision to go to the Bay Area, Mountain view at 45minutes South from San Francisco, to study Communications. 

Do you recognize this house?
 That's where Desperate Housewise was filmed , amazing huh? 

After SoCal my heart melt for the Bay Area

Golden Bridge and the water

Then we went to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
The monk taught me how to do Chinese caligraphy and offered me a delicious tea . 
The flower was opening into the transparent teapot in contact with the hot water! 
It was an unique , beautiful ,  romantic and philosophical experience .

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jonter said...

muy buenas fotos! congrats karin :D