26 June 2012


Sparkling K
Karin Bjorndahl, The Sparkling K
After being driven by needs of communication and personalization I created this blog. After years spent on Facebook I felt like I had to create my bubble and share it with you. I choose "The Sparkling K" because this blog is related to everything that inspires me and my heart sparkles. 
You can follow my Facebook page as well to find out what I like in life and what's going on around me.

I will talk about my world,my moods, my fashion bubble including photography, travel and lifestyle.
I hope you will enjoy this blog and don't hesitate to contact me or comment on my posts. 

First of all I would like to introduce myself briefly. And of course every day you will know one more piece of me.Born in Nice, France and raised there, I studied Communication in California, United States. I then pursue my studies in a one year course in Fashion Marketing, Communication and PR Events in Florence, Italy where finally my passion for fashion became reality. And I learnt there all the tools to create this blog.