23 July 2012


Benvenuti a tutti!!  Since I am little, whenever I can I go to Italy , that is for going to the market,
shopping , visiting or living. Last year I attended a year course in Florence in Fashion Communication,
Marketing and Event and then I did an Internship at LA PERLA in Bologna. So let me share
 with you my introduction to the fashion world.

In Ventimiglia

The market

Which reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana store windows in Firenze.

The Spring/summer 2012 Dolce&Gabbana collection was inspired by Sicily and by the conviviality of eating with other people under the decorative lights creating a real sense of togetherness and tradition. Here I am, faced with market stalls covered in fresh vegetables, and shoes. 
Then I turn my head, and I see another stall covered with food and an embellished bustier.

For the love of the country:

Watch the trailer of this upcoming comedy about Florence

 Piazza del Duomo

For the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy

On Ponte della Carraia  where I used to live nearby

 My bridge from Ponte della Trinita

Ponte Vecchio 
Do you remember my fetich vintage owl necklace? This is the store where It comes from
On Ponte della Carraia, some very nice Greek guys I met

 Yes Firenze is very romantic

 Or not lol
Means Street of Hell

 Some nice streets
Some Fashion Stores

On Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Signoria 
Some touch of French fashion :)

Piazza Strozzi

REDValentino pop-up store

Piazza Ognissanti: Gucci Fiat 500 pop-up store

Piazza Michelangelo: A view over Firenze

La notte della moda: the night of Fashion

Some other pictures when I hung out in the city

You can see this ad all over the city. It has been made by my friend Rawad for Tenant; 
just graduated from his Graphic Design Master Ied Firenze 2012.  
My favorite ice-cream place
My favorite hotel

When I say Italian fashion some may think also about Prada, right?
Well check out the new short film "A Therapy" by Roman Polanski 
starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter.

After a year in Florence and many pictures, 

as I told you before I did a three months interniship at La Perla in Bologna.

In the snow at - 15 degrees outside my appartment on my way to work

And I bought the Glitter La Perla AnnaClub red bikini

I hope Italy inspired you too! You can imagine I couldn't post
all my pictures but I hope you enjoyed and that It gives you
 the envy to discorver this country.

Ciao belli, a presto (bye bye beautiful people see you soon)

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