23 August 2012


Yesterday I went to the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art of Nice
 called also MAMAC to see the new exhibition presented along with the permanent one. 

The artistic program of the museum finds its main structure in the relation between the New European Realism and the American Tendency towards the Art of Assembling and Pop Art.

This possibility to confront certifies the big historical complicity of the two artistic waves. 

The building of the museum is a sight in itself, designed by architects Yves Bayard and Henri Vidal, a very original structure with 4 square towers, rooftop terraces and glass passageways between the sundry sections of the building. The inspiration came from the principles of Classicism (square plan, arches) that perfectly correspond to the Garibaldi Square conception. The diverse tons of red-ochre, the wonderful surfaces in Carrara marble, the olive trees nearby give to the city center the feeling of order and peace of the Mediterranean nature. 




James Lee Byars

Anish Kapoor

One of my favorite piece is from the permanent exhibition by Enrica Borghi.

Plastics have influenced every facet of modern life for instance like the ubiquitous water bottle. The extraordinary versatility of the material also has made it a very attractive material for designers, architects, and artists. The work was made principally from mineral water bottles and plastics bags. It’s not known how the various plastics will alter with time, or which display or storage conditions might be the most effective in slowing any potential deterioration. 

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