19 September 2012

Boat show part 2

I finally got all the pictures from my week as a hotess for Lagoon. Here you will be able to see the four yachts that were exposed un Cannes this year. Last sunday before the event started I decorated each of them , made the beds, added books, sculptures, fruits and so forth.
That week working on catamarans reminded me when I was actually sailing on 
Cat15 and 16 ,at age twelve, in Nice. But those , oh my, are actually luxurious yatchs. 

But you will never believe who I actually saw! One of my favorite sport is tennis and I have been a huge fan of his since his very start: Rafael Nadal. At first I saw him while I was talking to a costumer and in my mind I was like no It can't be! Then the other hotess I was with said your idol is there , and then I actually saw his face as he turned around , but then my boss arrived.... Hopefully another opportunity to meet him will come soon! I admire his strength, his courage, his ambitious will and his way he fights until the end. I hope he recovers soon , courts miss him !! I would like him to know his personality has influenced me in such way that I fight in my life to succeed and that I can and never give up!  Such an inspirational person.

The 380

 The 450

The 560
The 620

 That's where I set up my desk on :) yes yes I like the very best!!!

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