27 October 2012


Hello guys , how are you today? It is saturday and I am in a great mood because finally what I wanted to do is happening right now! Guess where am I? I am downtown , Nice, going around the city shooting around. You will finally see my shopping guide tour, exciting , right? I know:) 
First I took pictures of some particular things I liked very much.
 Today I have seen my city where I grew up from another perspective, not like a tourist, but more like someone inspired, someone on a mission. An artist?

I am right now in a coffee place, the concept is pretty much like Starbucks but Emilie Cookies everything is homemade. My favorite is the quiche or/and the rasberry muffin with any drink. And what I like here is that I feel like home but with pretty tourist in the house and the smell of hot coffee and chocolate:)
Why did I say I am doing something I haven't done in a long time, It is because It is not really in the French culture to be working on a laptop in a coffee shop, unlike in the US where every student or businessmen are meeting there. I don't really know how to explain the feeling it gives , but It is very different than being home. I think you have to experience it to actually know what It is like! I absolutely recommend it :) 

 Enjoy my pictures:)

What I liked the most right now out of my city:

Found on ELLE magasine :) 

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