25 October 2012

Winter tips

Despite the fact that I am currently living in Nice, South of France and that during the day It is 23°C I still like to ponder and procure cold weather accouterments—I still hope It snows for Christmas vacations! 

So, when I laid my eyes on Missonis mixed material winter gloves, I instantly clicked on "Like" and 
linked it to my Facebook, they are an accessory worth saving for, don't you think?

A red fox hood: zip away hood and long ear flaps with paw shape pockets at the ends from 

Beautiful knit had from MM6 DI M.M.MARGIELA

Boots with Socks: the right thing for winter.

Zip coats by ZARA

A-Morir - Black Shield With Crystal Sunglasses

And if you ever have to give as a present to a baby something very cute, this would do it:
Wool socks and hat set from BLUMARINE "PETIT"

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