15 November 2012


In the past century, our civilization has developed many ways to protect the environment and yet, we have still yet to conquer green sustainability. With increasing recognition of eco-friendly technology, new theories and materials, help save our planet. Whether you want or not to participate in this, initiative Blog zéro Carbone can give you plenty of ideas to contribute to this world-wide effort.
BONIAL is a website, where you can get involved helping to save trees but also to grow some. The badge I added to my sidebar and here below is the proof of my involvement into this by sharing it with you, talking about the company here and sending them my blog by email, they will then plant one tree per blog domain. It is very simple to do and can change the future of all of us. 

 " Make your blog carbon neutral” comes from Germany, and is also now available in France. We aim at reducing our carbon footprint thanks to little acts, such as compensating the carbon footprint of one’s blog. We plant trees in Germany and in the US in order to achieve this goal."
To see the steps to make click here.