12 November 2012


Today I went to an photography exhibition downtown.
The artist was French Deny Brihat about mother nature. The exhibitions shown his work on fruits, vegetables and flowers. You will never see those daily things like this anything else. Let me show you my favorite pieces.
A kiwi slice 1990
Silver print with iron vanadium toning

Onion skin 2006
silver print with gold toning

Flying Poppy 1999
gold toning

After that I was very inspired so I shot some pictures and realized that today was really a Fall day. 

Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience. One can almost be blinded by the fiery brilliance. How can it be that all this beauty is sign of death and decay? With all this beauty there is a certain sadness in knowing that the changing colors foreshadow the arrival of a long cold winter...meanwhile enjoy my pictures to warm your heart up.

I was wearing:

Kate Moss military-inspired dress for her new collection for Mango
Lilith burgandy coat
H&M black tights
Biker boots
Silk scarf with flowers printed
Accessories: Rings, watches (Guess and vintage Chanel), bracelets 
and Necklace with two pendents (Christian Lacroix) 

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Vanessa Lekpa said...

Les photos de Deny Brihat sont très belles, ça donne à voir les végétaux d'une toute autre façon.
Et es images automnales sont très belles.

Bonne journée

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